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Hello beautiful people!

We all have recognized that speed is one of the most sought out components in a golf game. It is one part of the equation for power output, and is absolutely necessary if we have hopes of hitting the golf ball far.

Things to consider regarding speed (at any age):

1. Did you capitalize on your two Speed Windows?

Females- What sports/activities were you experiencing at the ages of 5-8 years & 11-14 years old?

Males- What sports/activities were you experiencing at the ages of 6-9 years & 12-15 years old?

If you weren't running, jumping, bounding, sprinting and playing agility based sports that required you to move quickly, you may have put your nervous system at a disadvantage for big speed adaptations.

2. What to do now if you want more speed?

A. Get a TPI physical assessment to find out if your body has limitations.

Chances are, some energy leaks in your golf swing are coming from poor mobility/stability of your joints and movement quality your golf swing.

B. Get your swing technique and biomechanical sequencing assessed by your golf professional.

More often than not, poor technique and sequencing of your pelvis, torso, arm and wrist will lead to speed loss in your golf swing.

C. Maintain your speeds by learning how to accelerate and decelerate.

Get into the gym and train both sides of your body. Control yourself by working on anti-rotation drills. Move quickly and often. Play other sports for agility and athleticism. SPRINT! Purchase yourself some Super Speed Sticks!

***** JUNIOR GOLFERS: if you are in a speed window (see above), these things are CRUCIAL to your speed development. ACT NOW! *****

Speed is not everything. Strength is not everything. Both combine to make up power potential. Both together with proper biomechanial sequencing and great technical skills will unleash your true power potential.

The Big Picture

Hit Bombs!

Distance off the tee (power output) has proven to be a clear advantage on the PGA tour. In a study conducted in 2015 comparing Driving Distance VS Driving Accuracy leaders on tour, the Driving Distance Leaders combined to have about 5x as much in earnings compared to Driving Accuracy Leaders on tour ($27 mil. VS $5 mil.).

Take inventory of your golf game and figure out where you may be falling short in your development.

Find your team of professionals and get to work!

Happy Golfing!

Coach LM

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