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A Decade in Review

A decade in review.... 

2010/11-  UBC Thunderbirds.  The Beginning. 

I was still a young, highly egotistical varsity golfer at UBC, trying to finish off a Bachelors of Human Kinetics.  During that time, my teammates and I pulled of a double championship (American- NAIA & Canadian- Golf Canada University Championships) for 2010, and also got named team of the year for those accomplishments! 

2012/13- The Identity Struggle.  

The transition out of university into the working world wasn't the nicest.  From the chatter from friends that asked if I was going to join them down in the desert to play mini-tour golf, to the pressure from classic baby-boomer mindset parents that critiqued every step I took, the thought of even listening to my heart seemed like it was out of question. Fortunately, I was given an opportunity to follow the footsteps of a few mentors and colleagues in the golf & fitness industry and join forces with the youthful Tour Performance LAB team at Northview G&CC. 

2014-19- Growth... into some sort of butterfly? 

In short form, these years encompassed deep learning, and personal and professional growth.

Highlights- TPI Certification, FRC Certification, BCGA Coach, UBC coach, SFU Coach, LAB coach and learning from amazing mentors, companions, colleagues, clients and friends on a day to day basis.  There also has been no shortage of self-education via non-fiction books and online courses.  

In this time, I transitioned into a semi-competitive golfer, but more so a weekend warrior (10-20 rounds per year).  I reignited my love for all sports (specifically ball hockey, hockey, basketball and soccer) and competing.  I adopted a part-time snowboard-bum attitude to embrace Whistler.  I engaged in the true spirit of a healthy hipster by cutting gluten, dairy, soy, corn etc (you get my point) out of my diet.  I trained consistently on average, 3-4 days per week and bounced through different goals, training methods, thought processes and struggles.  

The Decade Overview:


Embrace the people, energies, adventures, and lessons presented to you, but also actively seek them. Seek change and discomfort because there will always be grey area and discomfort.  There will always be sadness, loss, pain, confusion and all sorts of other emotional turmoil.  All things that seem constant, consistent and certain are in fact an illusion of our Ego trying to find stability.  Be sure to reflect on losses. Reflect on wins. Introspection, mindfulness and meditation are important.  

Be open. Be honest. Be STOKED ABOUT LIFE!

Oh, and one more thing.


** If that isn't the most heroic sports and life comeback you've ever seen, you can butter me up, and call me a biscuit!  

(That was the only southern phrase I learned from my college golf opponents)

Cheers to 2020!

Coach LM

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