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Why your Self-directed Golf Training Program is Failing You

  1. No Assessment

  2. No Corrective Exercises

  3. Not training in all three planes of motion- The lost Trifecta for the rotary athlete

  4. You're still kickin' it old school with Isolation training

  5. Your constant “need” for flexibility

  6. Rushing into power training

  1. No Assessment

Would you renovate your home without having a plan drawn up first?

So why would you skip this step in your golf training program?

Without a proper assessment, you are GUESSING about the foundation of your program, and will be chasing your golf fitness goals in circles. An assessment will allow you to identify your potential problem areas- asymmetries and dysfunction, and then can inspire an efficient training program based on your needs specifically. The point of a training program is to make you feel better, move better, and inspire your inner badass!

2. No Corrective Exercises

This isn’t as scary as it seems …. I promise!

As part of a proper golf training program (after an assessment), is to move into a corrective exercise phase to address injuries, underlying limitations, asymmetries (ex. 1 hip not extending as well as the other) and poor motor control (coordination of movement) . In regards to the hierarchy of elite athletic performance, the base of any good athlete features quality movement fundamentals (mobility, balance, coordination) first before moving into higher physical performance phases (endurance, strength, power). The corrective exercise phase is crucial to build up a quality foundation of movement, and should be recognized as a means to an end (I promise you won’t stay stuck here with that damn corrections officer forever!). This phase will allow you to move SAFELY into strength and power training (so they don't end up like this guy :P)

More often than not I’ve had juniors, amateurs, and adults gain yardage in their games simply by implementing a few corrective exercises in their programs specific to their needs.

3. Not training in all three planes of motion- the lost Trifecta for the Rotary Athlete

You guys have heard that the triangle is the most stable geometrical shape right? And good things happen in 3’s?

Well… training in all 3 planes of motion does the exact same thing! It allows for great joint health and integrity, stability, strength and power creation!

Often, classic strength programs limit themselves to only 1 plane of motion, saggital (forward and back) movements like lunges, deadlifts, squats etc. with a sprinkle of frontal plane (side to side) movements. A well balanced golf program will include the Trifecta of movement in all 3 planes (saggital, frontal and transverse)

Now that you know, DEMAND that you are trained in all 3 movement patterns! Your high performing self will thank me later. 🙂

4. You’re still kickin’ it old school with isolation training

Let’s face it, beach bodies look great, but when you allow yourself to focus on one muscle group (ex Leg day on Monday, bi’s/tri's on Tuesday etc.) at a time with a classic isolation body building program, you are ultimately telling your nervous system that it is okay to move particular muscle groups independently of one another. This can result in some faulty movement patterns and overuse injuries, however, your Nike shirt will look fantastic on those guns ;).

Quality neuromuscular patterning > aesthetics (if your goal is better a better golf game)

5. You have a constant “need” for Flexibility

Are you a “tight” Tony? Let's face it, muscle tightness is hard to avoid, and chances are you are going to try and stretch your way out of this situation. However, do you know the real reason for your tightness? Proceed with caution if you are buying into the thought process that "all tightness can be addressed with flexibility exercises”. You may be over stretching muscles that are over-lengthened, which then make the assymetries in your body worse.

WARNING: Flexibility without stability is dangerous. Flexibility without strength & power is useless.

Reminder: Assess don’t guess….

Your program should be tailored to your flexibility, stability and mobility needs before moving into your strength and power phases.

6. You Quickly Jump to Power

Easy there Tiger! You need to crawl before you can walk, walk before you can jog, and jog before you can sprint. Oh, and sprinting should be one of the end goals for lower body power development.

Most individuals pride themselves on moving as much weight as possible, not on how efficiently they move the weight. In other words, they are great at masking movement dysfunction with speed. This unfortunately is a dangerous situation to be in because without learning the pre-requisites of motor control, mobility, stability and strength, their body is at risk of compensatory movements and injury.

Ask yourself this....

Can you maintain posture during your exercise?

How is the movement? (smooth, controlled, balanced etc.)

Do these above things stay the same when we add more load/resistance?

Can you do all of the above things with speed?

Your body will learn these progressions more effectively and safely as you progress from low threshold to higher threshold exercises in a strength program, before advancing to a power program!

Keys to Success:

Get ASSESSED to figure out what is under the hood of your high performance vehicle.

Is it drag race ready? Or are the bolts loose, and the engine is falling apart?

Do you truly know your performance goals?

Fix your limitations through homework and a proper golf fitness training program.

Train your nervous system to move with lower threshold (gear 1) movements before advancing to more complex, higher threshold, explosive movements (gear 5).

Beware of your impatient EGO!

Taking the necessary steps above will help your long term athletic performance will flourish!

Until next time folks,

Move well, feel better, hit bombs and be LEGENDARY!

Coach LM

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