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What Is
Project X?

Project X is your 

future-proofed lifestyle cultivated by intentional training, competition, nutrition, and high performance habit acquisition.


Project X can help you accomplish any lifestyle goal, from improved physical and mental health to weight loss to optimized athletic performance.

Who is project X For?

This program is designed with high performance in mind, yet is approachable and accessible to every demographic ages 10 and up.

The system works for everyone — people who are just starting out or coming back from injury, high level athletes and people who have trained for years.


Welcome to your community. 

Why Project x?

Project X focuses on the 3 key areas:  


Functional Movement to help you maintain and progress your mobility, stability, strength, speed and power necessary for your lifestyle and athletic goals. 


Constant Variation to create proper adaptation in training to help you reach your health and wellness and athletic goals.


Adequate Intensity levels are changed and adjusted to challenge each individual and safely improve fitness.


On top of that, Project X's Three C's: Community, Competition, Connectionhelp you become your best everyday.

Where can I participate in Project X?

Project X Home Base is currently located at Northview G&CC.

Project X Virtual is coming soon.

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